Due Process is DEAD: You Frankened Cuomo

As an Italian and sexual assault survivor, I say please stop weaponizing the metoo movement and using a cultural greeting to destroy someone’s career. Saying “believe all women,” is dangerous. That is not what the movement is about, it is HEAR all women. Sadly, there have been way too many women that I’ve seen inContinue reading “Due Process is DEAD: You Frankened Cuomo”

Pro Governor Andrew Cuomo Rally – March 20, 2021

After weeks of planning, a group of New Yorkers independently funded a pro Governor Andrew Cuomo Rally. As the word made rounds on social media, Lindsey Boylan, Cuomo’s first accuser coincidentally arranged a counter protest to take place on the same afternoon in Washington Square Park. Considering Boylan has an upcoming election of her ownContinue reading “Pro Governor Andrew Cuomo Rally – March 20, 2021”

FOLLOW UP: Chuck Schumer on ‘The View’ on March 11, 2021

Facts and follow up based on the March 11, 2021 interview Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer had with ‘The View.’  Meghan McCain asks on The View March 11, 2021: “The Cuomo administration has been accused of concealing the actual number of nursing home covid deaths that took place during the first surge. Now it’s actuallyContinue reading “FOLLOW UP: Chuck Schumer on ‘The View’ on March 11, 2021”