Due Process is DEAD: You Frankened Cuomo

As an Italian and sexual assault survivor, I say please stop weaponizing the metoo movement and using a cultural greeting to destroy someone’s career. Saying “believe all women,” is dangerous. That is not what the movement is about, it is HEAR all women. Sadly, there have been way too many women that I’ve seen in my personal life who have made up lies about abuse and serious assault allegations just to destroy one’s career or win a custody battle. Weaponizing the movement is a huge insult to survivors like me.

You talk about this, “believe all women,” in the public spotlight yet, I’ve seen many dismiss and ridicule those expressing assault and abuse. Former president Donald Trump had over 25 serious allegations against him and he remained president. No one asked for his resignation. President Joe Biden had many serious allegations against him where Tara Reade to this day is still fighting for her voice to be heard. And he remains president while her voice remains silent. No one asks for his resignation.

Governor Cuomo gets ambushed where a woman who gave him a covid test, and if you read his book (yes, THAT book) that reads like journal entries, on page 242-243, he mentions how tense she looked and wanted to calm her down with jokes and kindness. So yes, he said, gasp “she looks good” And suddenly, that goes in the line as one of the eleven accusers?

I’ve never seen a sex scandal like this that doesn’t involve any sex where Due Process isn’t happening. This trial by the media and through New York State Legislature, along with Attorney General Letitia James, where there are far too many having a conflict of interest is not how due process works. You don’t have to like him nor agree with him but, every American deserves due process and a fair investigation. This wasn’t fair. It has been biased and pre-determined.

Calling defending oneself by sharing facts and evidence is not victim blaming; it’s sharing facts and evidence. While maybe there should be courses to understand generational and cultural differences, we should not use hugging and ignoring evidence as a way to destroy one’s 40+ year career. Nor should we “cancel” someone based on accusations alone.

The voters elected him in, and you took our voices away with this biased attack. There are countless of images and video footage of both men and women greeting each other with hugs and kisses, and placing one’s hand over one’s waste for photo ops. This has been a common action that many humans, male and female, do. Not everything is sexualized. As someone who has experienced abuse both sexually and physically, this is a huge slap in the face because using the movement for a political game is not what it was made for, it will only silence and continue to destroy the real victims.

Please stop this charade and for once remain unbiased, listen to the facts and do the right thing by practicing Due Process. We are done with the political games as this shows how weak the Democratic party is getting. I lost faith in the democrats and will remember this when it’s time to vote.

Thank you to @ColonielKurts for seeing through the BS. Subscribe to her YouTube channel here.

For more stories about stop Weaponizing the #MeToo movement, please read this compelling story by @ThatGirlAtTheParty here.

A major shoutout goes to the strong women and men who have been fighting for the truth to stop this political witch hunt. We can only hope, the truth will be set free. Thank You to @audacity.com for reporting an unbiased story on the Cuomo support rally that took place on August 7th.

Lastly, a major Thank You to Governor Andrew Cuomo for ten years of service, Melissa DeRosa’s resignation letter says it all. You saved us from the darkness that was COVID-19, and proved we are #NYTOUGH.

At the end of the day #LoveWins, and the day is not over yet. Lets get back to work!

One thought on “Due Process is DEAD: You Frankened Cuomo

  1. Lets not vote for attorney General , chuk schumer and Bill de blasio in next election
    This report was biased and intentional by democrat to grab power from him
    Very sad corrupt democratic stood against fellow democrat
    The report was controversial without clear explanation where when and how Governor Cuomo sexually harassed 11 women
    Cuomo clearly explained this was his cultural way of gesture nothing more than that
    Attorney General letitia James totally unfit for this position

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