“We Support Cuomo” banner flies above NYC and Albany


As the media continues to persuade the public, calling for Governor Andrew Cuomo’s resignation or impeachment before an investigation, a group of New Yorkers united together to fund two “We Support Cuomo” banners flying across the New York City skyline and state’s Capital. The media has ignored covering both banners when just last week, there was a sea of headlines reporting a previous flying display, reading “Cuomo’s got to go.” Deliberately ignoring one sign over the other showcases the media’s bias against Cuomo. Trial by media is unconstitutional by convincing the public of one’s convictions while ignoring their constitutional rights practicing due process. The prejudice the media creates by their exclusive controlled coverage will inevitably make the accused appear guilty regardless of the verdict in the court of law. This is why it’s imperative to remain impartial; I.E., innocent till proven guilty.  

According to the Flying High For Cuomo press release, the banner flew yesterday, March 22nd, at 10 am for four hours. The flight flew from Long Island and went into New York City as many New Yorkers spotted and captured the “We Support Cuomo” sign. The second banner had a late start this morning due to cloudy weather but eventually flew over Albany once the skies cleared up.

Last night, Lisa Poole, organizer of the Flying High For Cuomo funding, issued the following statement:

“Today a banner flew from Long Island to Ellis Island, passing by Rockaway, Coney, Manhattan, and Ellis Island. Tomorrow, a banner will fly over Albany to show support for Governor Andrew Cuomo. Subscribers of Facebook Pages: We Love NY Gov Andrew Cuomo, Andrew Cuomo Fan Club, We Stand With Governor Andrew Cuomo, and Women for Governor Cuomo have launched a campaign to fly banners of support. Donations large and small have been pouring in for those who want their voices heard. Letter writing campaigns, rallies, and call-ins have been taking place because women and supportive men who stand with Governor Cuomo, are demanding due process and refusing to accept his resignation merely on allegations.”

Anti-Cuomo coverage has been running non-stop on all sides of the media biased spectrum since February 10th; when the Rupert Murdoch owned tabloid-based lack-of-fact-checking New York Post broke out a story leaking the conversation involving Melissa DeRosa discussing Nursing Home data confusion. Conveniently, the out-of-context breaking story was published around the same timeframe of former president Donald Trump’s second acquittal. Regardless of the factors, the press had enough sensationalized material as the media has been back to back with slander-Esque content against the Governor ever since. Like neglecting to cover the “We Support Cuomo” banner, the press refuses to share unbiased reports as there’s always more to the story

However, reporters’ eyes remain glued to Cuomo, waiting for the right moment to catch a cough, funny gesture, for him to call someone “darling,” or move his eyes, to use any of his bodily movements or phrases as a “Breaking” story. Let’s not forget the tip hotline as lawmakers and other democrats are now eager for his removal. 

The same biased eyes deliberately fail to acknowledge questionable behaviors that go against their anti-Cuomo narrative. For instance, Charlotte Bennett’s lawyer, Debra Katz, has raised a few eyebrows. The professional attorney expressed religious discrimination by poking fun at a photo of Cuomo, stating “prayer shawl.” By New York state law, religious discrimination, despite liking the other person and being biased against one’s legal challenges, could get someone fired. While it can legally result in Katz losing her job, the media refuses to look into her discriminating social-media phrases.

Many New Yorkers are more concerned about Cuomo leading the state out of the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on the new Roll Up Your Sleeve campaign to get fifteen Million residents vaccinated by May in hopes of being one step closer to a post-pandemic life. People are becoming drained and exhausted from the strenuous coverage against the Governor, ignoring real issues displayed on his daily updates, including protecting NY farmland and fighting against hate crimes

People are now questioning the media’s credibility by removing themselves from watching. Bewildering the public, the media continues to drag out Cuomo’s scandal while barely covering other allegations, including cases involving Donald Trump, Tom Reed, Marilyn Manson, Armie Hammer, David Dobrik, Brittany Higgins, Thomas Middleditch, and Deshaun Watson. Former President Donald Trump continues to get a golden pass as he was acquitted twice despite twenty-six women who came forward accusing him of assault, including rape, along with inciting violence in the Capitol building on January 6th. He has also been the key instigator on the Asian hate crimes happening across the United States due to calling COVID-19 the “China virus” or “Kung flu.” Stories such as these and those involving serious allegations of abuse and sexual assault get placed on the backburner as the focus on Cuomo’s accusations, including using the common Italian phrase, “Ciao Bella,” remains. Ironically, the United States welcomed Donald Trump as the 45th president in 2017, even after his infamous “grab ’em by the p***y” video.

New Yorkers have noticed the imbalanced pattern from the media. They’ve taken matters into their own hands to let Cuomo know, the people, the voters, support him. 

4 thoughts on ““We Support Cuomo” banner flies above NYC and Albany

  1. I am appalled at the media turning a blind eye to the real issues of importance to the #metoo movement. Instead they are salivating over frivolous allegations against the governor, allegations that lack merit in deference to what appears to be an agenda of genocide against a governor who saved even their ungrateful tushes. This same media attitude gave us Trump. The media is pandering to opponents of the Governor who obviously are eager for his instant demise by misrepresenting the facts, in fact the media is not even willing to investigate the facts. They aren’t willing to focus on real news like the Republican governors who made no attempt to ebb the tide of death and destruction in nursing homes in their states marginalizing the deaths of those poor patients. DeSantis from Florida hid the number of nursing home deaths in his state and fired a statistician who attempted to force transparency from him. Where are the Feds by the way.. The media failed to report on those #metoo perpetrators like Tom Reid and others who should be in the current news cycle, marginalizing those true victims of abuse. The press has ignored these stories and others, and managed to embellished the nursing home issue in New York, obfuscated the truth in the case against Governor Cuomo, and is attempting to conduct a trial by media to hang the guy from the nearest tree limb. As a forensic examiner familiar with the kind of case currently being tried in the court of public opinion with out due process by the way, let me say this, these allegations fall well short of the standard required to meet the legal burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. I can assure you that if I testified to the credibility of these allegations, I would be leveled with more than a raised eyebrow by the judge presiding over the case. The allegations would not be the only thing thrown out of court. Keep in mind, women should come forward to report their personal trauma, and allegations should be investigated. I won’t say women lie about such things, but my experience has been that not all allegations are real. Residing out of state, I admit that I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I do have a stake in the principle of Justice as fairness. We all do,


  2. Thank you. I only ask for fairness. Have all involved do so under oath. If you are telling the truth there’s no reason to refuse to do so. I support him. He got us through the worse of the pandemic and now the vaccines. Accusers stand up under oath and repeat what you claim to be truth.


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