Pro Governor Andrew Cuomo Rally – March 20, 2021

After weeks of planning, a group of New Yorkers independently funded a pro Governor Andrew Cuomo Rally. As the word made rounds on social media, Lindsey Boylan, Cuomo’s first accuser coincidentally arranged a counter protest to take place on the same afternoon in Washington Square Park. Considering Boylan has an upcoming election of her own to face, there were a few objectives in her “Anti-Cuomo” rally, which included a major focus on “Tax The Rich.” Hers had more funding, which provided a podium to heighten the rally on all volumes. However, the small gathering of truth seeking New Yorkers made their stance outside Governor Cuomo’s Manhattan office pleading for due process and fairness. Dr. Hazel Dukes participated in the first rally in support of the Governor.

Here are photos from this afternoon’s Pro-Governor Andrew Cuomo Rally:

5 thoughts on “Pro Governor Andrew Cuomo Rally – March 20, 2021

  1. These ladies weren’t funded and did not latch onto a buzzword type phrase or go to a spot that is popular and always draws a crowd. No fake tactics or tricks just a desire to let it be known that truth and due process is what counts.


  2. I wish I could have been there today! I was with you in spirit!!! I live in St. Louis, Mo was originally from New York.
    Support the governor 100%!!!


  3. There were no fakes, frauds, or liars in this group today! Thank you ladies, for standing up for due process, democracy, and the truth!


  4. It seems the truth today does not interest the masses . The are caught up in the LIE . Anyone can make statements or accusations , they do not have to be truthful to be believed. Sadly, many have been fooled by those whose words lack any truth. Time will tell , the liars will be exposed. We only need to be patient !!!


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