Governor Andrew Cuomo Teleconference March 17, 2021 – Partial Transcript

In the wake of the allegations against Governor Andrew Cuomo, the media continues to focus on the scandal over plans and regulations for the state of New York. Here is a partial transcription from yesterdays, March 17, 2021, Teleconference.

After discussing the budget, lifted restrictions, and updates, the transcription starts before Governor Cuomo opens the phone lines to answer questions at 32:42.

Governor Andrew Cuomo:

Any questions on, the Assembly announced a law firm to conduct their review. I am not going to take any questions or have any comments on the review at this time. Let the lawyers do their job and let them conduct the review. And then we can talk about it when we have facts established or a specific situation relative to the review. But, other than that, I am going to respect the review, and I won’t comment on it or related matters. Let’s take questions please, operator. 


Jon Campbell – USA Today Network

Hi Governor, I wanted to ask specifically about the accusations you faced from Charlotte Bennett. She says that you asked her if she’s ever been with an older man, she said you asked her if you practiced monogamy, she says that you yourself said you are open to a relationship with a woman in her twenties. Did any of that happen?


Jon, as I said, the assembly has a review going on, on just the questions you asked and questions like it. I’m going to respect the review, and I won’t comment on issues that are subject to the review. OK? Next question, operator.


Marcia Kramer – CBS

Governor I know that you don’t want to talk about the specifics of the probe but I wonder what your reaction was to President Biden saying that you could face prosecution, and secondly, I wonder what your reaction is to the Siena poll where people say they didn’t want you to resign.


I don’t think that’s what president Biden said, Marcia. His words will speak for itself but, I don’t think he said the way you paraphrased it. On the Siena poll, I think that’s what I’m hearing from New Yorkers. I have a job to do, they want me to do the job, they are concerned about COVID, they are concerned about vaccines, they are concerned about reopening. And they believe in Due Process, that allegations are not guilt. So, figure out the facts before you make a conclusion. And, that’s also common sense. 


Anne Thompson – NBC News

Hi Governor, thank you for doing this call. Let me read to you what President Biden said, and he was asked by George Stephanopoulos, if the investigation confirms the claims that the women, should he resign. And the president said, yes I think he probably could end up being prosecuted too. What’s your reaction to that?


If you committed a crime, you can be prosecuted. That’s true. But what president Biden said was, we should do an investigation. The question to president Biden starts with, do you think the governor should resign or do you think there should be a review first. And the president said, there should be a review. I agree with him on that, the people of New York agree with him on that. The people of New York in the poll that Marcia was mentioning, the Siena poll, said, 50 to 35 or something like that, that I should not resign. 35 said I should resign. By the way, 35% would say, I should resign anyway. There’s always been 35% against me just on the normal political spectrum. So, president Biden’s position is consistent with New Yorkers positions, is consistent with the Siena poll position, with my position. I’m not going to resign. Find out the facts, and we will take it from there.


Gwynne Hogan – WNYC   

Thanks for taking my call. Can you explain to New Yorkers why your administration leaked Lindsay Boylan’s personnel records and reportedly circulated a letter trying to gain signatures from former staffers claiming she has been backed by Donald Trump supporters after she alleged sexual harassment by you? 


That is, Ms. Boylan is one of the issues that is going to be reviewed by the Assembly and the Attorney General, and I want them to do their review and let them determine the facts. And then we will take it from there. Right. You need to know facts. Now we can either debate facts in the media. Or let fact finders find facts and then have an intelligent conversation on to an agreed set of facts, rather than having competing facts. That’s why fact finding exercise is right. Find out the facts and then develop an opinion. But have the facts first. That’s what New Yorkers said they want. That’s what the Assembly is doing. That’s what the Attorney General is doing. So, let’s find out the facts, and then we can all have an opinion and then comment on the facts. Once we know the facts but I’m not going to comment until those reviews are finished on any specific issue that they are looking at. Ok guys. Thank you very much, back to work. Lots to do. Thank you. 


One thought on “Governor Andrew Cuomo Teleconference March 17, 2021 – Partial Transcript

  1. What I’ve been saying all along and I will not budge…everyone deserves due process and allegations do not equal guilt. Period. End of story


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